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Singing lessons and vocal exercises is the very start step the most of the modern singers passed through .
It can seem pretty annoying but in order to master your voice, you need to understand how it works and
as a result, to learn how to control it.
We will help you to discover your creative potential and to achieve the desired target and result based on
your goals and wishes, whether it is competition, concert room or just singing with friends for fun.
The main idea of SOLOMUSIC studio - vocal mastering should be and must be available for everyone who wants to sing, no matter the reason.
In our singing lessons you can master :

Developing a musical "ear" and  sense of rhythm

Understanding of singer's breathing, voice training in speach manner

The development of voice itself , its power and range

Practicing of mic singing with backtracks

The foundations of stage technique

The voice recording in the classroom

Preparation for participation in musical projects

Preparing for studio recordings