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For all those who want to learn to play piano, keyboards, synthesizer - there is  a training course disigned for our students which includes :

Elementary music theory

Foundations of musical harmony

Hand position of a keyboardist or piano player

Working out of  left and right hands playing technique based on various exercises – scales and arpeggios

Developing  sense of rhythm, learning variations (swing, etc)

Playing in different keys

Learning of accompaniment  styles and solo improvising  on selected tracks

Learning the technical aspects  – general concepts about synthesizers, how they work, banks of voices and sounds

Basic music arrangements

Band playing skills.

PS  About the instrument.Today in our modern hi-tech world it is not necessarily to have at home some bulky and heavy piano or trendy expensive synth for learning how to play keyboards , the good thing is  –  we have nowdays more opportunities.

To begin with, it would be enough to have the desktop or laptop computer and  midi- keyboard. The SOLOMUSIC studio will help you with all these questions and will learn you how to set your own music studio for playing, arranging and composing your own music hits.