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Probably most of us, if not everyone , somehow dreamed of learning to play the guitar, to accompany  and sing  along the guitar playing.Even those who have been out of the “teen” age, but being openminded and young at heart , still had such  a kind of desire and williness for music expression.This is not surprising because playing the guitar was always stylish and fashionable. Playing guitar is one of the best ways of self - expression.Moreover, it's a chance to express one's emotions, feelings, talents, abilities of the music performer and even the composer, using as a means of playing this wonderful instrument.
Regardless of the current  level of training and which  playing level is wanted, the SOLOMUSIC definitely will help you to make your dream true.

We have  lessons specially disigned for you:

Entry level course – basic music theory (fundamentals),the  hand position when playing, guitar setup, learning the fingering, simple chords and tunes. The accompaniment of the right hand – beats and arpeggios . The ability to pick up by ear simple songs with simple harmony.

The advanced level course -  learning more complex chords and tunes and comprehensive harmony approach. The use of melodic passages along with the accompaniment.Practicing and work on simple solo parties, developing of confident solo style playing , working out of improvising technic , finger style, pick up style etc. 

P. S. Certainly each student who chooses to learn how to play the guitar  need your own instrument. We are commited to help you to make a right choice depending on your playing level  and will recommend you the guitar to suit your training in best  price-quality ratio.

Wanna  learn how to play the guitar -  call us and we will help!