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Our teachers - performers musicians and singers with a years of experience in performing and teaching,

famous music family - Vlad Nikitin and Elena Nikitina.

Vlad Nikitin

Performing vocalist, keyboardist, arranger.

MGPI(Musical and pedagogical faculty, specialty- guitar,accordion)
The music teacher and Director of the pop - vocal studio "STARSOUND"
The head of the choir of JSC "Motor-Sich", Ukraine.
Regular participant of music permormances, international recitals, concerts and shows, member of the different music projects, the creator  of various arrangements and soundtracks.

Elena Nikitina 

Lead singer. pianist

Pedagogical College(Russia), music Department ,piano class 

Music director in preschool education programs.
Lead singer of "ZALK"band.
winner of the Party jazz festival Ukraine

Cofounder of the SOLO studio -  organization of musical events.